Built On Solid Foundations

Your Cloud needs to be built on the best underlying technologies and infrastructure, providing the performance and reliability that you need to push your business and development. We take this very seriously, and therefore ensure that the basis of your Cloud is built from the ground up with this aim in mind. With a high performance SAN using Auto-Tiered storage, Citrix Hypervisor technology, and high-specification Tier 4 Datacentres, you can be confident in your Cloud's foundations.

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The Building Blocks

Xen/KVM Hypervisors

High Performance SAN

High Availability

High-Spec Datacentres

Storage Auto-Tiering

Citrix Hypervisors

We use Citrix Xenserver in order to provide the best performance and reliability for the guest operating systems. This allows us to provide hypervisors without using inferior container technology, and therefore focus on performance and addressing a superior level of security.


High Performance SAN Storage

Storage is an incredibly important part of a Cloud setup, so we ensure all data storage happens on our high-specification SANs, avoiding any reliance on basic hard drives in nodes. This enterprise-class storage device gives you the peace of mind that your data is safe, and enhances performance and reliability over standard SCSI/SAS disks.


High Availability as Standard

A key benefit of our Cloud hosting is that our platform is designed for high availability. If a node that your server is running on fails, our system auto-migrates it to another node. This removes the fragile reliance on hardware that you get with dedicated solutions, since all of your machines are in a hardware-independant Cloud. The impact that this has on the uptime of your services is huge, and is the main reason that our clients have moved to our Cloud setup.

High Availability

High-Spec Data Centres

With all of the technologies applied to ensure reliability, there need to be equally high-spec Data Centres underneath. All our sites are Tier 4 Aligned with 2N UPS, 40G network and stand-by diesel generators, so you can be sure to trust the infrastructure that we have built to protect your Cloud.

Data Centres

Storage Auto-Tiering

We understand that an important factor in the performance of your services is the delivery of data from the storage layer to your server's CPU/RAM. This is why we auto-tier storage on the SANs, storing frequently accessed data on SSDs for high-speed retrieval.

Auto Tiering