Cloud Features

Feature-Packed Cloud

We know that you need a reliable Cloud, with functionality that gives you extensive controls, and an infrastructure designed and built with these requirements at the core. We provide you with competitively priced, customisable Clouds and uptime that you can rely on.

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Cloud Features

Simple, Competitive Packages

Paying for your Cloud should be simple and transparent. That's why we provide clear packages without hidden or unnecessary extras, so that you can build your business easily.



We know how important the running state of your Cloud is, which is why we take daily snapshots of your services on our SAN. This allows for fast and efficient rollbacks, giving you the peace of mind to test and develop in a controlled environment. Our snapshot service is unique, as it occurs without affecting the performance of any server, since the SANs do all the hard work.


Powerful Portal

Controlling your services in an extensive but intuitive interface is important in any workflow, and with our portal you have access to a whole range of functionality within your Cloud. Control and manipulate your machine, networks and other settings, plus utilise virtual console access to each server.


Additional Features

Single VM Packages

As part of our aim to provide a clear, intuitive service, each of our packages makes the entire resource available to a single VM. This allows you to build your Cloud, node by node, and make changes and upgrades to each of these without worrying about the rest of the setup.

24/7 Support

We understand that your businesses and development aren't limited to specific hours, so neither is our support. We have staff available 24/7 to handle your requests, via our ticketing system through the portal.

100% Uptime SLA

You need to trust your Cloud services, and the infrastructure they are built upon. As part of this, we provide a 100% Service Level Agreement across all of our services, whether you're a small company or large. We take our reliability, and your peace of mind, seriously.

Geographic Reach

Being a Cloud provider who has the infrastructure to aid in your expansion is important to us. We therefore provide a worldwide hosting service, allowing your business to expand to have a truly global reach.